Goodbye, and Hello.

As August 2016 draws to a close, my national service story would draw to a close. While it has been a fulfilling 2 years, I couldn’t be more glad to end this part of my life.

The past 2 years has certainly taught me critical lessons that changed my life indefinitely. For one, there’s a saying in Mandarin, “只要有恒心, 铁柱磨成针”.

In other words, it means that anyone can achieve anything, so long as they are determined to do so.

This is especially true coming from someone who were once severely overweight, prior to enlistment in the army. I was weighing at 83.3kg (BMI: 32.1) on the very first day in the army. To be honest, I never really believed that I can lose much weight, while blaming my body type for it. I am an endomorph, which means that my body is more adept to storing fuel in the body, aka fats. This was useful back in the days when food was scarce, but definitely a pain in the ass for us right now.

My Basic Military Training (BMT) journey was 19-weeks long, 2-weeks longer than my non-fat counterparts, and 10-weeks longer than those who has managed to pass their IPPT. I wasn’t particularly worried about the length of the training, but my ability to adapt was a concern. Thankfully, my Platoon Commander, 2LT Zaki, told us this, “Let’s conquer this week by week. Before you know it, you’re already walking towards your Passing Out Parade (POP) ground.”

Sure enough, training was gradual, which allowed me to adapt easier. Eventually I had a change in mindset, telling myself that I want to lose as much as possible for the remaining weeks in BMT.

On the very final day in BMT, I weighed in at 68kg. In other words, I lost a whopping 15kg in just over 5 months! While that kind of lifestyle was unsustainable in the long run (I have gained back about 6kg since), it proved a point. Everything’s possible as long as you put your heart in it.

As I was posted to be a Transport Operator, aka Driver, life was pretty carefree compared to those who went to command school or infantry and its equivalent.

Given the spare time I had, I started to resume trading. I was fortunate enough to have my father giving me a sum of money to trade. In a course of 2 months, I have managed to achieve over 10x returns on the money my father gave to me. Similarly, there’s something to be learnt here. Wealth was never about the money; it’s about giving back to the society. Ask my girlfriend, and you’ll know how much I preach to her about giving back to the society. No matter how insignificant our actions are, someone will always be at the receiving end, benefiting from our generosity.

While I was fortunate enough to have such a generous father, I’d realise that not everyone around me was as lucky as me. This has inspired me to be writing this blog, as well as exploring opportunities in startups as well as funding aspiring traders.

I am definitely looking forward to continuing my Forex Trading career, as I continue to build up my wealth. Besides Forex Trading, I will also be looking into stocks and property investment, especially the latter. If you didn’t know, property is a game played by the rich. They know that it is the best protection against poverty. There are many books on real estate investing, I’d strongly suggest you to start somewhere, even if you have no clue on it. Alternatively, drop me an email (, I’ll provide you with some guidance!

With that, thank you for reading this post of mine. It’s definitely different from those that I’ve written previously, but I hope it has been inspiring for those who wants to be inspired. I will continue to write my commentaries on the markets as per usual. Cheers.

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